Drop Shipping with Success Guide


First, and foremost I would like to welcome you. I know many of you are brand new and have little to no experience when it comes to drop shipping, I also know anytime you start something new it can be overwhelming and scary. For this reason, we decided to make this guide free to all of our customers, so everyone can get a good understanding of what it takes to succeed with drop shipping. Over the years we have been around, I have seen many customers start out as new and then go far in a short amount of time and now send ridiculous amounts of orders every day. We realize that this isn't going to be the case for everyone.

If you do take the time to go through this complete guide it may change your life, and make the difference you needed to be successful. I promise you that you will learn something new in every lesson. I have seen the steps explained in the lessons work over and over again. Selling online is a science, and the lessons are your formulas.

You may already have online selling experience or you may be starting from scratch. Either way I am quite sure our program will make you money. If you already do have online experience, drop shipping may be a little different than what you are used to, so I urge you to keep an open mind so that you are able to learn new things. I know you are excited to get to it, but we have a lot to go over. Building a business/career is not going to be something that happens overnight. A strong plan requires things to be done in stages in order to build yourself into a strong successful business if thats the direction you want to go.

I know your probably thinking whatever, I don't have time to read all this, I just want to get a few things online to maybe ebay or amazon so I can start making money (unfortunately it's not that easy and you will probably be a customer that doesn't stay). In the years we have been in business I have seen a lot of customers come and go, and a lot of customers come and stay. Usually the ones that come and stay are ones I have had hours long phone conversations with almost on a daily basis for weeks and sometimes months, and now years later they are still with us.

Unfortunately at this point there are so many customers I don't have time to have the same long conversation over and over with everyone, I want every one of my customers to have the same success that those customers are having but do not have enough hours in every day to do it one on one as I have in the past, so I have written this step by step success guide to give you the same advice and success that those other clients are enjoying. This guide  will walk you through from your starting point all the way until you reach your goal. I promise you it won't be a waste of your time. But it will be a lot to take in, so before you begin, make sure you feel rested and your mind is alert, and your not feeling frustrated. If you start to feel frustrated, just stop. These pages aren't going anywhere, so you will be able to come back later when you are feeling rested to continue.

If you skip steps without completing them, you will not have the desired results and only be cheating yourself, I truly want every customer to be successful and able to make money with us, it is a great feeling every time I see a customer take off and know that we just changed someone elses life and gave them a way to support themselves.

The lessons we will be going over is as follows

Lesson 1. Choosing where to sell
Lesson 2. Choosing what to sell to make a profit
Lesson 3. Branding
Lesson 4. Promotions
Lesson 5. Marketing
Lesson 6. Customer Management
Lesson 7. Order Management

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