How to Determine Shipping Cost Type

Shipping costs can be one of the more challenging aspects to determine when you are drop shipping. When you click on any product in our inventory like you are going in to read the description, under the description you will find a section called "Additional Information". In this section you will find where it reads "Shipping Costs. It will either say 'Free', 'Flat' or 'Calculated'.

      1. Free shipping items, are exactly as it sounds, you won't pay any shipping costs on these items. You can find a complete list of our free shipping items by Clicking Here to view products with free shipping.

      1. Flat Rate shipping items, will be $9.99 to ship. It doesn't matter if you buy 1 or 100 flat rate items it is $9.99 to ship the entire order. This makes it great for bundling items together, which always allows you to create a unique product no one else is offering. You can find a complete list of our Flat Rate shipping items by Clicking Here to view products with Flat Rate shipping.

      1. The rest of our products have Calculated shipping costs. This is probably the most difficult to determine because it is based off the item weight, size and destination address. We provide the weight and size, but no one knows your destination address until you receive an order. All of our Premium Tools include auto pricing where we calculate the shipping costs for you so you are able to offer free shipping to your customers. To learn how we do that please read below.

How to Calculate Shipping Costs

When you click on any product on our website like you are going to read the product details. you will find the shipping costs that covers shipping to any location inside the United States.

Alternatively if you have hundreds or thousands of items to price, you can contact us and let us know where you will selling and we will see if we have an auto pricing tool that can help you.