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Includes Redesigned Turnkey Website

Includes Push to Marketplace Tool (eBay & Amazon)

Complete Out Of Stock Control

Access To Our Entire Inventory

Access To All Our Premium Data Feeds

Advanced Automated Pricing

Simple Social Integration



300% Faster On Entire System

Real Time Inventory Updates

Smarter Filtered Inventory

Major Improvements To SEO

Better Profit Margins

Simple One Page Setup

Simplified Admin Panel



Huge Increase In Sales

Saves Countless Hours Of Time

Give Your Customers A Better Experience

Includes Pro Discount Plan

Automated Order Placement

No More Marketplace Violations

Multi Channel Support


View below for detailed information on each tool the Multiverse Pro includes


Own Your Own Store


Selling on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon is great and you can make money there, but they are definitely very tough and highly competitive markets. There is nothing like having your own website, We can't say that getting one from start to making tons of sales by Friday is going to happen, but with time and effort you can build a very stable comfortable business by owning your own website. A website will give you an online presence that will boost your online reputation and give you the option to work with other suppliers that normally won't work with you if you just sell in the marketplaces only. There is a long list of reasons why owning a website is a smart choice if you want to sell online.


Your Own Email Address - We provide an email address that you can use to send and receive emails from customers. You can access the email via your web browser, phone, tablet, Outlook or similar device or service.

Step by Step Easy Setup - While we have configured almost everything for you, there are a few things you will need to do yourself. We have created a step by step guided setup so you can be up and running in no time with everything set up correctly and professionally. We want you to get the most out of your Turnkey Website

Order & Customer Management - Manage all your orders from all marketplaces in one dashboard. You can automatically place the order on our website by clicking Approve on the order you want to place. You will also get detailed customer and order information. You can add tracking on your dashboard and it will update your order and mark it as shipped on eBay, Amazon and/or Rakuten along with notifying your customer of the shipment.

Fully Customizable Website - Your website will come already designed and ready for you to add your company info. You can leave it on the design it comes with or you can completely customize the look and feel of it and make it your style. We will also be periodically adding new designs and you will have the ability to switch between the designs as they become available.

Automated Category Assignment - Although your site will come loaded with all of our products (already placed into the correct categories), you also have the ability to add your own products. Since your website also features category rules you can use them for your own products, such as on the digital camera category you can set a rule (name contains digital camera) then all the products with digital camera in the title will automatically be assigned to the digital camera category. If you ever tried to categorize products before you will find this will make your life so much easier.

Push to Social - With a click of a button you can send any of the products (yours or ours) on your website directly to your Facebook, twitter, pinterest or instagram social accounts. This is a great marketing tool that will help drive more traffic directly to your website.

Email Marketing - This is another great feature we added to help you maintain customer retention (keep customers coming back) which is a must for any business. This is different than your websites standard emails (orders, invoices, shipments etc) How this works, is you set rules and when a rule is met, it will send out an email to the customer. (you can create unlimited templates and emails)

(Example: Customer birthday, more than 30 days since customer has made a purchase or visited your site, Customer recently made a purchase and you want to follow up to ensure they received their item and are happy with their purchase etc, you can create an unlimited amount of rules for anything you need)

Unlimited Everything Included- You can add unlimited products, categories, pages, images etc. You can have as much traffic and as many sales as you can possibly make and never have to worry about extra charges or the price changing for as long as you keep your subscription active

Blog - Your site also includes a blog, this is where you can create new posts about any topic you would like. The posts you create will receive excellant SEO benefits which will give you more content on the search engines which in turn drives more traffic to your site. You have full control over the blog and content and can choose whether or not you want to allow readers to post comments.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Your site has very advanced SEO coding done and configured specifically for you complete with custom sitemaps. Another words you will be found via the search engines. Normally when a new site is launched it takes 2-3 months to really see the results from the SEO. You will have full control to tweak your SEO settings if you are so inclined, but we do not recommend making any changes.

Out of Stock & Price Change Notifications - This has multiple benefits. How this works, is when a customer clicks on any product on your website they can enter their email address on the product page to be notified if the price changes. If a customer lands on an item that is out of stock, they will be able to enter their email address to be notified as soon as that item returns to stock.

This helps you get to the customer first and possibly make a new customer. Also you will be able to view a list of all the products your customers have signed up for notifications on in case you want to run a sale (price notifications), or try and source the products they want elsewhere (out of stock notifications).

Google Analytics Integration - Knowing how much traffic your website is receiving, or what pages are getting the most views among many other things are very important to run a successful site. We made it very easy for you to connect your website to Google Analytics so you always can view your traffic (real time and past).

Maintenance Mode - If you want to work on customizing your Website without any customers being able to visit your site while you do, you can turn on your Maintenance Mode and it will turn off the site for everyone but you. You will see the site as normal, and your customers will get whatever message/page you choose to display to them.

Automated Inventory Management - You will never have to worry about manually having to bring in new arrivals, end out of stock items, update existing stock etc. We will do all this for you, and keep your site in sync with all of our products.

Automated Pricing - You will never have to worry about taking a loss with our default automated pricing that covers all of our products. Although your website comes with the ability for you to set your own pricing based on any rules you set (for our products or your products). You can create an unlimited amount of rules. Or you can just leave it on our default pricing and let us continue pricing the items for you.

(Example: Create a rule where items with a cost more than $0.01 but less than $1.00 add 200% to item cost)

Customizable Product Grid - The product grid will allow you to configure it any way you need so that you can get the information and view the products the way you need at a glance. This also makes it possible to easily do bulk editing. Customers that have been selling online for a while will really appreciate the product grid.

Multiple Payment Methods - Getting paid is obviously one of the most important parts of any business. We have made your website so that it will work with the following:

- Paypal
- (which handles most merchant account providers)
- Amazon Pay
- Purchase Orders
- Check/Money Order
- No Payment Required

If you have a merchant account that is not on the list, we can custom integrate any merchant account for a one time $200 fee. Once integrated you will have full control over all the settings for your merchant account from your website Admin Panel.



Push to eBay and Amazon Tool - In just a few simple clicks you can push any products on our website to your marketplace account. You can send just a handful or tens of thousands at a time, and our tool will keep everything perfectly managed. Our push to marketplace tool automatically puts the products in the correct category, fills out all the information eBay or Amazon requires, and makes the product ready so your customers can start purchasing from you right away.

Quick List - We make it easy to find the products you want to push. Put them in your quick list and submit them all at once. We have some preset quick lists setup for you such as new arrivals, and hot selling items.

Automated Inventory - New Arrivals are automatically added to your tool as soon as they come in. Out of stock items are automatically ended on your marketplace account within minutes of us running out of stock, the out of stock products will auto relist when/if the item comes back in stock. Current stock is automatically updated with the most recent information for the title, description, image(s), price etc. You don't have to do anything for any of this to happen.

Automated Pricing - Our advanced automated pricing system will automatically set the selling price for you so you don't have to worry about ever taking a loss. The pricing system determines the item cost, shipping cost, payment fees, marketplace fees and profit, and prices accordingly so you make a profit on every sale. You will have the option to change your pricing if you choose to do so.

List any of our products - Your tool will have direct access to our database of products, you will be able to send products individually or in bulk to eBay, Amazon and/or Rakuten.

Order & Customer Management - Manage all your orders from all marketplaces in one dashboard. You can automatically place the order on our website by clicking Approve on the order you want to place. You will also get detailed customer and order information. You can add tracking on your dashboard and it will update your order and mark it as shipped on eBay, Amazon and/or Rakuten along with notifying your customer of the shipment.

Filtered Inventory - We automatically filter products that are not allowed on eBay or Amazon so that you do not have to worry about policy violations from these marketplaces.

Easy Setup - You will fill out a short form to let us know how you want your preferences set, such as handling time, returns preferences, payment preferences, listing duration etc.

Edit Your Listings - You can edit the title, description and/or change the selling price

Powered by M2E Pro - M2E Pro is a 3rd party app that we have integrated with our Push to Marketplace tool that connects our tool to your eBay or Amazon account for easy management. They are free to use if your completed sales are less than $10,000.00 per month (not by dollar amount of products listed). If your sales from products listed to ebay, amazon or Rakuten climb higher than $10,000.00 per month, then they will charge a small monthly fee. For complete details please visit the M2E Pro website at

(Attention Amazon Users Only) Disclaimer:
Amazon will use the UPC Code to find a match for the product you are listing. If the UPC Code is wrong on our website or wrong on Amazon and/or Rakuten it will cause a mismatch (customer thinks they are buying a dvd player when in fact the UPC Code is for a bread toaster which is what the customer will receive). This is rare, and has only happened on a couple of products so far.

It is very important that when you have a sale from one of these two channels, that you verify that the product your customer purchased matches the product on our website before you submit the order. Please contact us if you find it to be the case so we can check the UPC Code on our website and update it if necessary (make sure to include the sku of the item). We are confident that 99%+ of our UPC Codes are correct. However, we will not be responsible for losses due to being a mismatched order, you are responsible for making sure you order the correct item at the time you place the order.


Includes the Following Feeds





Auto Pricing Feed
CSV File Format

Coming Soon
Additional Channels


Step by Step Guides - You will get a step by step guide for each feed so that you can properly upload the feed to your site/channel.

Updated Daily - Our feeds are updated multiple times a day, so that when you download a feed you will get fresh inventory.

Automated Category Assignment - Our feeds will automatically assign the products in the feed to the correct category, so you don't have to spend your time matching products to the correct category.

Automated Pricing - We automatically calculate your selling prices to include all your overhead and profit so that you don't have to spend your time pricing all the products and you will never have to worry about taking a loss, you will have the option to download your feed with multiple pricing options so you can either sell lower with less profit, or sell higher with more profit.

Inventory Control - All of our feeds are already formatted specifically for the channel they are made for, this means you don't have to open the files and do any editing. New Arrivals will automatically be added, out of stock items will be removed and existing inventory will be updated so that your information is always up to date.

Filtered Inventory - Every channel/site has their own rules of what is or is not allowed, all of our feeds have already been filtered so they do not include products that are not allowed on the channel/site you are uploading them to.

Access to New Feeds - We have plans to add more feeds over time to give you more places to sell, you will have access to all new feeds as they are added.



This will make it able for you to purchase all of our products at the Pro Discount price. This will allow our customers to either sell products at a lower price to gain a competitive edge, or it will allow our customers to put more in their pocket on every sale.

On all of our products you will see 3 prices posted, Free Member Price, Basic Member price and Pro Member price. You will pay the Pro Member price with this subscription.

This is a subscription item that is billed monthly. There are no contracts and you can cancel any time. If you cancel, your subscription would remain active until the end of the current billing cycle. Please ask any questions you have before purchasing. This item is non-refundable.

Recurring Profile

Billing Period
1 Month cycle.
Repeats until suspended or canceled.
Additional Info
Manufacturer No
Package Includes No
UPC Code No
Condition No
Condition Description No
Warranty No
Qty Available No
Model Number No
Shipping Type No
Shipping Cost No
Package Length No
Package Width No
Package Height No
Actual Weight No
Shipping Weight (Dimensional) 0.0000
Ship From Zip No
MAP Price (minimum advertised price) This is the lowest price you can advertise this product for (you can always price higher), if 0.00 then there is no MAP price and you can sell for whatever price you choose. $0.00
Returns Accepted No

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