Push to eBay, Amazon and Rakuten - You can sell on any or all of these marketplaces as long as you have an active sellers account setup with the marketplace.

 Complete Setup - Once your payment has been received you will be emailed a short form with just a handful of simple questions that will allow us to completely setup your tool based on your preferences 

 4-Clicks to Marketplace - Once your tool is setup and ready (generally 15 minutes to 24 hours) you will be able to submit one or thousands of products in just 4 clicks to any marketplace. (eBay, Amazon and/or Rakuten).

If you would like to view the 4-step instructions for submitting products please Click Here.

Automated Inventory - New Arrivals are automatically added to your tool as soon as they come in. Out of stock items are automatically ended on your marketplace account, and relisted when they come back in if it is one of your selected items. Current stock is automatically updated with the most recent information for the title, description, image(s), price etc. You don't have to do anything for any of this to happen.

Automated Pricing - Depending on if you have a discount plan or not, you will be able to choose from using auto pricing for Free, Basic and Pro Discount Plans. (Pro Discount Members will be able to list using lower pricing or keep it at the higher pricing and make more profit). Below is how we determine the selling price.

1. We start with the item cost (depending on your discount plan)

2. We add the shipping cost. the way we do this is we calculate from our warehouse to the furthest remote destination from us, so in our case it would be rural area Maine, This gives us the highest shipping cost in the country so no matter where in the USA your customer purchases from it will be covered.

However when you purchase the item from our website, you will only be charged the actual shipping cost from our location to your customers location, so if they are closer to us you will make a little extra, but you will not take a loss.

3. Then we add 2.9% for the payment fee whether you accept paypal or credit card

4. We add an additional 15% to cover your marketplace fees

5. Finally we add the profit, which ranges from 200% to 8%, so if your product cost fifty cents we add 200% so you make a couple bucks. However if your item cost two thousands dollars we only add 8% (200% added to $2000 would make it way too expensive), the profit margins will scale based on item costs.

Loaded with Our Products - Your tool will be loaded with all of our products that you will be able to send to the marketplace of your choice. eBay, Amazon and/or Rakuten.

Add Your Own Products - You are able to add your own products and list them to your marketplace via the tool.

 Order Management - Manage all your orders from all marketplaces in one dashboard. You can add tracking on your dashboard and it will update your order and mark it as shipped on eBay, Amazon and/or Rakuten along with notifying your customer of the shipment.

 Powered by M2E Pro - M2E Pro is a 3rd party app that we have integrated with your Push to Marketplace account. They are free to use if your completed sales are less than $10,000.00 per month (not by dollar amount of products listed). If your sales from products listed to ebay, amazon or Rakuten climb higher than $10,000.00 per month, then they will charge a small monthly fee. For complete details please visit the M2E Pro website at www.m2epro.com


Amazon and/or Rakuten will use the UPC Code to find a match for the product you are listing. If the UPC Code is wrong on our website or wrong on Amazon and/or Rakuten it will cause a mismatch (customer thinks they are buying a dvd player when in fact the UPC Code is for a bread toaster which is what the customer will receive).

It is very important that when you have a sale from one of these two channels, that you verify that the product your customer purchased matches the product on our website before you submit the order. Please contact us if you find it to be the case so we can check the UPC Code on our website and update it if necessary (make sure to include the sku of the item). We are confident that 99%+ of our UPC Codes are correct. However, we will not be responsible for losses due to being a mismatched order, you are responsible for making sure you order the correct item at the time you place the order.