What is MAP pricing?

Novatech Wholesale posted this on Sep 12, 2017

This is different than MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price, many customers get confused about this), MSRP is optional and just a suggestion from the manufacturer.

However MAP price is the minimum advertised price set by the manufacturer. If the MAP price is $0.00 then there is no MAP on that product and you can sell it for any price you want to.

If the MAP price is $0.01 or higher, you must advertise the price at the specified MAP price or higher. If you advertise below MAP you may be restricted from buying the affected product(s).

MAP priced products makes up less than 3% of our inventory, MAP is set by the manufacturer, these items you cannot publicly advertised below the MAP price (you can sell the item for whatever price you choose, have you ever seen a company that shows one price, but has a link that says click here to see how to purchase this item cheaper (or something similar). I am sure you have seen a Playstation (any generation), have you ever noticed that no matter what retail store you go to they are all selling for the same price? This is because a MAP price has been set by the manufacturer.

All items with a MAP price are marked in the inventory download file along with the MAP price.

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