How is your pricing?

Novatech Wholesale posted this on Sep 12, 2017

We are just like any other wholesaler with our pricing, some of our items you will be able to find cheaper from other suppliers. However, we will also have a huge amount of products that you won't be able to find cheaper anywhere else. If you are just starting out or even an experienced seller who thinks they have to be cheaper than anyone else then please keep reading.

It is very important to keep in mind that although pricing is definitely a driving force in sales it is not the only one. Customers will pay more for better service, location of product, reputation and selling points that stand you apart from your competition. There are also a ton of customers that are too busy to spend 4 hours shopping around for the best deal. There are no shortage of reasons why a customer will pay more vs shopping at a competitor.

We stock four different categories of products.

  1. Brand new latest release models, these will bring you traffic to your site or listings, but unfortunately because they are the latest and greatest there is not much of a profit margin and there is a ton of competition for these items, the main benefit with these products is the amount of traffic you will receive.
  2. Class A Manufacturer Refurbished. These are not your typical used store returns that arrive looking like they have been through World War III. The majority of the time these are products that didn't pass quality control off the assembly line so they were opened back up and the defective parts were replaced with new factory parts and then the product was fully tested. These arrived nicely factory packaged and free of defects. These are great profit makers and the competition for these are a lot less.
  3. New items that are either open box or plain box packed. These can be from a custom order that was never fulfilled, they can also be products that were purchased from the manufacturer in bulk without retail packaging so that the items could be purchased cheaper (AKA OEM). These are great profit makers and the competition is not too bad at all.
  4. Liquidations are our final product type, these product are brand new and sealed but they may be models from last year or longer, these products are great because they are harder to find now which means not much competition at all, you would be surprised how many people purchased a particular model that they loved but can no longer find and are very happy to find it again, these will bring you repeat customers and they have a great profit margin.
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