How does your auto pricing work and how is it calculated?

Novatech Wholesale posted this on Aug 29, 2015

We have several premium tools available and most of them have auto pricing available. Our automated pricing differs greatly from other companies MSRP (with ours you will never take a loss). The problem with MSRP is that when a company sets it, they don't take into consideration that you are going to be paying marketplace fees and you have to ship the products to the customer (ie, your cost 1.50 msrp 1.99) There is no way to make a profit with that scenario. So here is how we do it.

All of our Automation Tools and Feeds include auto pricing. Our auto pricing ensures you make a profit. We price everything so your customers see Free Shipping. We determine the item cost, the shipping cost, the marketplace fees, payment fees (paypal, credit card etc), and then we add 10% profit on top of that which is what will go into your pocket on every order. With our Multiverse Pro or Push to Marketplace package you will be able to raise or lower your profit margin.

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