1)     Login to your Admin Panel first and hover your mouse over the "AMAZON" tile on your main menu bar and choose "CONFIGURATION"

2)      You’ll now notice some folder-like tabs on the page that loaded and you need to click on the “Accounts” tab.

3)      Now click “Add Account” on the right side of your screen.

4)      Now scroll down a little and you see the empty Title field where you’ll type in "Novatech" 

5) Below that you’ll choose “United States” from the “Marketplace” drop-down menu.

6) Next click on the “Get Access Data” link under the Developer Account Number section.

Remember to keep this tab open!!!!!

7) Enter login credentials for your Amazon account and press sign in.

8) Once you've entered login credentials it will bring you to a screen to enter the two-step verification code they sent to either your email address or the phone number that you have on file with them. You need to enter that code in the empty field. If you get to a page that says invalid account type then you need to contact Amazon to register for a "Professional Sellers" account.

9) Checkmark the "agree" box and press next

10) Highlight the SELLER ID code and copy it.

11) Paste the SELLER ID code on the previous tab in the top blank field below "get access data" the merchant id field.

12) Go back to the tab with your codes and highlight the MWS AUTH TOKEN then copy it.

13) Paste the MWS AUTH TOKEN into the MWS AUTH token section on the previous internet tab.

14) Press the save button toward the top of your screen and wait for it to show........green lettering..........statings Your account has been saved successfully.

15) It might appear when the save button is clicked that nothing is happening but give it a minute or two and when you see the "ACCOUNT SUCCESSFULLY SAVED" message at the top of your page then you have successfully added your account. Email james@novatechwholesale.com and let the team know you've added your account at this time.