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Customer Management

Once you get customers to your website, the next goal is to turn them into repeat buying customers. In order to do this, you need to know your customers, and be able keep your customers segmented (sorted) so that you can market and offer promotions tailored specifically to your customer needs. The main goal here is to get a deeper understanding of your customers so that you can provide them with a great experience. There are several ways to do this and we will go over some of the more popular and efficient ways below.

Some excellent ways to manage your customers are

1. Google Analytics
2. Follow up emails
3. Rewards
4. Tailored for the Customer Promotions

Google Analytics

This is a free service, and a must for any website owner, this is a great tool to get comprehensive data regarding the traffic that visits your website. You will be able to see real time traffic, traffic history, most visited pages, age demographics, geographical location, type of computer used, type of browser used and tons more useful information like how long they spent on the site, each page etc. The information you collect here will play a huge role in segmenting your customers to send promotions that will get your customers attention.

Connecting google analytics has a slight level of difficulty depending on who you have your website with, our websites that come with our Multiverse Pro makes connecting your website to Google Analytics rather simple. The good news is you only have to do it once, but once you do, the information you will be able to collect will be well worth the hassle.

Follow Up Emails

This is something every website should have, if your website doesn't include a rule based email feature then you may want to contact the company you have your website through, and request to see if the feature can be made available, the turnkey websites included with our Multiverse Pro package include this follow up email feature. Rule based emails (Follow up emails), are emails that can be sent to specific customers based off of custom rules you create. This is going to be your most powerful marketing tool for your existing customers. You will be able to send coupon codes, discounts, promotions, rewards, information etc that best fits the rule you are creating.

Here are a few examples of custom rules that will trigger your website to automatically send an email you have create if your rules are met,

1. Customer has signed up on your website more than 30 days ago and has placed 0 orders
2. Customers birthday is around the corner, or the birthday itself
3. Customer has placed more than $100 in orders, $500, $1000 etc
4. Customer buys multiple products from the same category
5. Customer buys a specific product
6. Customer created a Wishlist
7. Customer added an item to the cart but never completed checkout
8. Customer placed first order

With rule based emails there is virtually an unlimited number of ways to create the rules to trigger your automated emails. Keeping in contact with your customers is the best way to stay in touch with them and keep them informed and updated regarding all matters pertaining to your relationship with them. Happy customers are paying customers, and when you have a customer that feels welcome at your store, they will always check your store first for all their needs.


A smart thing to do as a business is to give your customers a reason to come back. You want them to remember you, and you want them to feel as though you appreciate them as a customer. A great way to accomplish this is by rewarding them. Most reward points programs (included with the Multiverse Pro package) allow you to create unlimited number of rules to automate handling your reward points. Below are a few examples.

You can give them rewards for various reasons
Sharing/Liking you on a social channel,
Signing up for an account on your website
Purchasing a product
Has a birthday
Anniversary of registration
Purchase X amount in last X days (X=whatever number you want it to be)
Reviewed your products
the list goes on and on

As being a customer ourselves we all like to get something back, and save where we can. In turn, we visit the same stores over and over to earn and redeem our rewards. Your customers are all people just like us. They just want to feel like you are going above and beyond for them.

Tailored for the Customer

These promotions are usually focused on your existing customer base (the longer you are in business the bigger it will grow). This allows you to focus your promotions directly to the customers that have a history of purchasing a certain type of product or product line from you. Another word, if you have a customer that buys a lot of computer parts from you, it would probably not be beneficial for you to keep sending them promotions about boat parts. However, if you send them a promotion that involved computer parts, you have a really high chance of getting a sale from that customer. The same concept works for your own customers, or via paid targeted marketing with other company’s customer base which isn't always recommended.

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