About Our Turnkey Websites and what you can do to make yours profitable

If you made it to this page obviously you are serious about getting your own website. This makes a good read for those of you who already have a website from us or thinking about getting one. Since all of our websites including our own is coded in house and very carefully thought out you already have a huge advantage over 70%+ of the websites online today. It has taken us over 3 years to complete some of the features that have gone into your website. I am sure many of you have doubts that it will ever actually work for you. Well that is a long winded answer so I am going to try and cover several misconceptions and actually tell you how to make it work without asking you to buy a book or anything else. The same information will work for any website whether you get it from us or not as long as its built correctly from the hard code to the design.

For those of you that think you can just buy a website, turn it on and the cash will come rolling in without any interaction from you then you should probably stop now, because unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Don't we all wish it would, the world would be a perfect place. Building a successful website can happen, I have watched many websites take off from nowhere and now they are big sites including our own, but they didn't get that way easily. It took years of trial and error and learning what works and what doesn't.

I will start with what you have going for you and finish by letting you know what you will need to do to see your website come alive. But in order for me to do that you need to understand how the search engines work and how they determine whose site to show when a search is made. I will use google for example because they are the most used search engine out there as of this writing.

Imagine one long road with every business in existance on that one road right in a row. So if you drove that road from one end to the other, you would be able to see every business in existance. Think of the internet like that. And google sends out these very fast robots that can travel back and forth on this road very quickly. Without help these robots have no idea what kind of business you are running, whether you are selling electronics or just simply providing information on how to get tarnish off of silver. So as these robots pass they look to see if you have a map to your store with a set of instructions on how to read that map hanging on the door for them to grab as they go by, this way they know where everything is in your store from the products you carry to the information pages about your store. SInce this is all done for you google knows what kind of store you have, and where your products are. This is the first thing you have going for you, we have a very advanced sitemap hanging on the door of your website, along with a very detailed and specific set of instructions that lets the robots know which pages to send information back to google about, and which pages just to completely ignore, like your customer pages, and the pages where your customer sends personal info back and forth. This keeps everything clean and neat, and I assure you the robots love clean and neat.

We even take this to the next level and provide rich snippets to google, this means every product you have on your website is now sending even more details to google, like the UPC code, the model number, part number, description, title etc, You would be suprised how few websites do this, so this step alone puts you way ahead of most websites that have been around a long time trying to climb the search ladder.

What is nice about these first two things is that you don't need to do anything, as you or us adds new products to your site, they all automatically get this done thanks to the custom coding your new website consists of.

What is also great about our service is we put your website on very fast high end reliable servers which google likes, if your site is slow, hard for google to understand, or has broken links it will negatively affect your placement on google.

So in a nutshell, programically there is nothing for you to do from a coding standpoint that can make google like your site more than anyone elses. This alone will allow your site to be found on google, but here is what you can do to make it better.

The first thing to do if you haven't already is open a webmaster account with google (higly highly recommended (think of it as mandatory) and there is no charge for it). This is where you will give google more detailed information about your site, so the next time the robots come by, they will know exactly what to look for and where to find it. You only have to set it up once. The link to open a webmaster account is https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ since this is free you also have this going for you.

Since the above things are done for you, you will at least start out in the top 30% of the road instead of the end of the road.. So when someone does a search, everything that is not related to their search fades out, making only related businesses show on the road, making the road incredibly shorter. Since you are in the first top 30% at least you are able to be found.

Now if you want to inch closer to the begginning of the road which is where most of the traffic is, google will look at the following additional things to determine your placement on the road and I will list how you can accomplish each thing on the list.

  1. Age of your domain name (ie www.yoursite.com), the older it is the better for you it is, it doesn't mean if you start with a new domain name that you won't be found, it just means you need to be diligent in the other areas while your domain name gets some age on it. There isn't much you can do about the age of your domain accept just let the clock start ticking with one if you don't already have one.
  2. How active you are in the online community. If you just turn on a website and then never do anything else, google isn't going to favor upon you. But if you get out there and show you are trying to be active with your site google will favor upon you.
  3. Your homepage,(which you will be able to edit and change yourself on your website contains most of the content you want to get in front of your customers eyes first. Don't be afraid to talk about your website, or edit the content on there from time to time. Google likes new content, that lets them know you didn't turn the site on, leave and forget you even had a website. You don't have to do this every day, but every month or two, add or change a paragraph or two on your home page with something fresh. How often you do it is entirely up to you, if you don't change content you won't necessarily get buried, but you won't move up the street quite as fast.
  4. Google doesn't like questionable content, products or services, so don't sell anything questionable or you will get buried, and your site will be blacklisted making it very hard for anyone to find it in the future on any of the popular search engines. On top of that we will close your website if you do. (examples of questionable (banned) content is pornography, guns, ammunition, counterfeit products, illegal services, drugs, drug paraphanalia and/or any other products and/or services that is deemed illegal in the United States.
  5. Social networking, if you are runnng a business social sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest and any other social site can think of will play a big part in getting you traffic. If you go make say 3 posts each day, that is an average of 90 per month, those are all links that will also show up in google searches, people that are browsing the social sites will find and so on, these are all potential customers that will come to your site and possibly share it with people they know. Then google will see that you are active and that will help you with search, so its a win win. You don't have to write a book each day, just post a few products if you don't feel like writing anything.
  6. Forums and Blogs are the next great place to drive traffic and get in googles good graces. Do google searches for forums and blogs where people are asking questions about different products. Find questions about products you sell (get creative with your searches to find these) and answer the persons question the best you can followed by a link to the product on your website. this will help drive traffic, and show you are active in the online community, (also known as backlinks). Be careful though, don't post links to your site on other websites that sell or offer questionable content or again it will have the opposite affect.
  7. Take care of your customers so they tell their friends and so on. Every where you go tell people about your website, and your customers will come and the great thing about it being yours, is its your customers and your rules, The more new customers you bring in the better off you will do. Happy customers will spread your name across the internet and as they do it will also make you climb in search on google and every other search engine.
  8. Get a blog, and write content relative to your business. and have a link to that blog on your website and a link to your website on the blog, this will also bring in more customers coming to read your content. If you are interested in us setting up a blog for you on any of the sites we sell then please contact us for more details.
  9. Finally utilize google pay per click, and the ad choice network. You can bid any amount you want. Lets say you bid 5.00 a day in advertising dollars, that is just that many more customers that will find your site, $5.00 a day is very cheap to gain more customers, you can jump to $25 a day or whatever amount you want. I am sure many of you pay ebay or amazon more than that. Now you can do it for yourself without giving up a cut of your profits to anyone.

Thats about all there is to it, bottom line is put as much as you can in your favor, and never stop trying to get the word out there any way you can, and before you know it you will find you will be busy each day processing orders amd counting your profits. Good luck