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Before I get started into the ad about the product I wanted you to think about this, how long do you think it would take you to get our products onto your ebay account, keep up with out of stock items, items with price changes, title/description changes, ebay category changes, pricing so that you don't take a loss, and research the product? How much is your time worth? If its worth more than $1 per day than this tool is for you.

Use our Application to list just one or thousands of products from our inventory on eBay with just a few clicks!Once you start making sales, your orders and all the buyer/shipping information will appear on your Application dashboard. Then simply place the order with us and we'll ship it directly to your customer!
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Novatech Listings Manager - Complete eBay Automation
With the Novatech Listings Manager, you can list any of our thousands of products with the click of a button. It's as easy as selecting the product you want to list, and clicking Add Product to eBay! If you are a big time eBay seller, you can set your product filters and list all products that meet the criteria of your product filters all at once. But that's not all, not only can you easily list one or thousands of products, but also easily manage and place orders, answer questions on your items, manage your disputes, and much more! Once you have products listed and you start making sales, all you have to do is place the order with us, and we'll handle the shipping. Once the item has been shipped, we will send you the tracking information to send to eBay. Now it's easy to manage selling products on eBay, view all of the important information all from the Novatech Listings Manager dashboard! To learn more about the Novatech Listings Manager, read below for an indepth look into the software.


Our eBay tool will Auto Price your items for you and put them in the correct category. Shipping costs will be included in the selling price so you can offer free shipping to your customers. With our auto pricing system you will never take a loss. The formula our auto pricing system uses is as follows.


Item Cost + estimated shipping cost (see below for details) + 2.9% for your payment processing fee + 15% for ebay fees + 3.50 operating cost + profit (see below for details)


  • we estimate shipping cost by what it would cost to ship to the furthest zip code from where the item will ship, so no matter where in the country your customer buys from you are covered.
  • Profit - if an item costs $0.50 we add 200% markup so you make a couple of bucks, if an item costs $2000 we add 8% markup (since 200% on $2000 would be nice, but way too much), the profit markup percent scales based on the selling price

Key Features of the Novatech Listings Manager

       Automatic Product Pricing - Never lose money on an under priced product again
       Inventory Management - Once an item goes out of stock your listing will end automatically
       Orders Management - Takes one click to go to the product to place the order
       Returns Management - Manage your eBay returns & disputes all in one place
       Listings Management - Edit the price and/or title of your listings & end or relist a product in one click
       Theme Gallery - Use the default description template or choose to upgrade to a different one

Features of Novatech Listings Manager basic

The Dashboard
The Dashboard is like a snap shot of everything going on within your eBay account! You can easily view your eBay status, such as:
- Your current balance on eBay,
- Amount & date of your last invoice
- Total items sold & the value of those items
- Your feedback score, positive feedback percentage, & feedback rating
- When you joined eBay
- Your quantity and amount limits remaining (if any)
Not only that, you can view your recent transactions, best offers (if you allow them), items that are currently awaiting feedback, and view your unanswered questions, all from a single dashboard!


User Settings
The very first thing you do when you start using the Novatech Listings Manager is to setup your Auto Lister Setup, this is important because it tells the tool how you want your products listed, and what your payment, shipping, return, and listing preferences are. Two of the most important settings here are the Maximum Listed Quantity, and the Auto Relist setting. The Maximum Listed Quantity is a feature that helps you with eBay selling limits. For example, if you have a selling limit of 100 items per month, and you list 20 items with the quantity of 5, you have hit the 100 items selling limit. This way, you can set the Maximum Listed Quantity to 1, and list 100 different items. If you set the "Auto relist" setting to yes, then when the item is sold, the tool will automatically relist the item for you.


The Product Catalog
The catalog is where you can view all of the available products that Novatech Wholesale has available for you to list. There are currently 40,000 high quality, hand picked products for you to choose from, from all different catagories. All these products were picked based upon how well they sell, and the level of competition the products have on eBay. The number of products is constantly growing as we are constantly adding more inventory to the system. The catalog also shows the market place price(which is the price the item will be listed at), the cost the product will cost you, the estimated shipping cost of the item, and the potential profit you could make from selling the item!


The Catalog: Product Filter Settings
The catalog comes with the "Product Filter Settings" option, where you can set the criteria you want to view only the products you want. The current product filter settings include minimum and maximum listing price, minimum quantity available of the product, the product condition, and you can exclude products by SKU, and exclude products with certain keywords in the title.


The Tools: Manage Listings
With the manage listings tool, you can view your active listings, ended listings, and failed listings with ease. With your active listings, you are able to edit the price and title of the listing from the default title and price that the catalog has. This gives you the freedom to have the edge over your competition, by maximizing the strength of the title, and being able to price the item based on what others have priced the item for.


The Tools: Manage Orders
As a dropshipper, being able to view your orders as soon as they come in so you can place the order is very important. Once an order comes in, you will see it on your dashboard, or in your manage orders tool. Once the payment status of the order is "completed", you will then want to click on the order so you can view more information. From the order information, you have the information and shipping address of who purchased the item, and then you can click "go to product" to easily go to the product on Novatech Wholesale and make the order. It's that easy! Once you have placed the order, we'll handle all the shipping and send you tracking information once we have shipped the product. Orders placed before 4PM Eastern Standard Time are processed the same day!


Description Theme Gallery
You can easily stand out from others by upgrading from the default description theme template to a premium theme template. All templates are customizable, you choose the colors, add your own banner, your own slogan, and each theme is customized with your return & shipping policy, and payment preferences.


Features of Novatech Listings Manager PRO

While the basic is great for finding products you want and getting them listed on eBay, and managing/placing the orders that come in for those products, Novatech Listings Manager PRO has even more great features to help you manage your listings and eBay account in general! The PRO tool includes all of the features that basic has PLUS features such as manage disputes, manage questions, manage best offers, manage items awaiting feedback, and more!

Manage Disputes
Having the ability to view, manage, and respond to your disputes all from the Novatech Listings Manager makes handling disputes a walk in the park. No more will you have to deal with your disputes from eBay. You can provide shipping information, issue a refund, or communicate with the buyer all from one simple interface.


There are other features on PRO as well, such as Manage Questions, Manage Best Offers, and Manage Items Awaiting Feedback. All of these tools in one place to make listing products, and handling all the business that comes with selling those products all in one place!



Now while we could keep going on and on about everything the Novatech Listings Manager has to offer, just from the features we've listed above I think you can imagine how well our other features are, plus we are always upgrading the tool to be even better! Have a complaint or suggestion? You can contact us in several different ways, either with the online live chat, email, or give us a call and we'll help you!

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