Multiverse Pro Package

Complete Multi-Channel Selling Solution for Dropshippers

Includes All of the Following Features:

How to make money drop shipping with Novatech Wholesale

How to push our products to eBay or Amazon

personal coach included

One on One Training Coach

We know drop shipping can be overwhelming choosing what to sell, where to sell, how to sell, how to price, how to use your Multiverse Pro, how to setup your website, how to manage your business, how to handle your customers, how to place orders, how to deal with returns etc.

Our Multiverse Pro members only will receive their own training coach so that we will know and understand your goals and help you meet your goals. You will receive a phone number and an email address for direct contact with your coach so they can help you start making sales and build your business.

Your coach will help you through the entire process and answer any of your questions all the way until you have it figured out and sending orders regularly.

Multiverse Pro push to marketplace

Push to Marketplace Tool

Our Push to Marketplace tool is included for our Multiverse Pro Members. If you sell on eBay, Amazon and/or Rakuten, this is the tool for you.

If you have ever drop shipped before than you know keeping items that are out of stock removed, copy/pasting all the product details and pricing your items will not only be challenging, it is also very time consuming. With our Push to Marketplace feature you can send any/all of our products in just a few clicks to the marketplace(s) of your choice.

If we run out of stock on something the tool will end it on your marketplace account within minutes. Our tool will auto price your items so you don't have to worry about taking a loss, but it still leaves room if you want to run a sale. The tool has too many features to list here.

Multiverse Pro Fully Loaded Website

Fully Loaded Website

Our websites are like nothing else out there. Our websites are custom built in house specifically for eCommerce and drop shipping. They come packed full of important features that will drive traffic to your site and convert that traffic to paying customers.

Our websites come fully loaded with all of our products, and your inventory is automatically kept in sync with our database so your product stock, prices and information are always up to date.

We include a free domain name (of your choice, or you can use your own), ssl certificate and hosting. All you have to do is focus on growing your business.

Our websites will work out the box with Paypal and/or, If you have another payment account, contact us as we may be able to custom integrate it for you. Make sure to check out our demo and all the features.

Multiverse Pro Push to Social

Automated Business Management

One of the toughest things in drop shipping is managing the inventory with your supplier. There is nothing worse than to have an order and then find out its out of stock. We solve that problem with our Multiverse Pro and Push to Marketplace tool. When we run out of stock on something, that item is ended from your sales channel within minutes of us running out of stock.

Another big challenge is pricing, we auto price everything so you don't ever take a loss. You will also have the option of adding or subtracting a fixed amount or percentage to your selling prices.

Our tool will also help you manage your customers, returns, orders and products so that you can spend your time focused on growing your business.

Multiverse Pro Fully Loaded Website

Pro Member Discount Plan

You may have noticed that when you click on a product it will show 3 prices, free member, basic member and pro member. With the purchase of our Multiverse Pro package you will also automatically receive our lowest prices on all of our products.

This gives you a big advantage as you will be able to price the products lower to generate more sales.

Our Multiverse Pro and Push to Marketplace tool will allow you to set your default pricing based on your pro pricing tier to give you control and flexibility over your pricing.

Multiverse Pro Fully Loaded Website

Marketing & Multi-Channel Features

There are two important things that are required to run your business. The first one is customers, and the second is a place your customers can buy your products.

With our Multiverse Pro package we really focused on the things that will give you both. We have added a reward points program, so you can offer rewards to your customers which will keep them coming back. We added an affiliate program that will allow anyone that comes to your site to make a commission for any customers they send your way that results in a sale. We also added an email marketing suite so you can stay in contact with your customers and keep them informed about upcoming promotions, new arrivals or anything else you want to let them know about.

With this package you will be able to have your own website to sell on, along with the ability to push products to several channels where you can potentially generate sales.

Multiverse Pro Push to Social

Push to Social Sites

Social Marketing has played a huge role in spreading the word about your company.

With your Multiverse Pro subscription you will be able to send products directly to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram accounts in just a click of a button.

This is a great way to quickly spread the word about your company across the social platforms.

Multiverse Pro Fully Loaded Website

Advanced SEO

The website you will receive with your Multiverse Pro will already have all the organic SEO work done, which means you don't have to spend any time or money trying to get found on Google.

We have created a custom compressed sitemap (allows more products to be indexed per scan) to let google (and other search engines) know how to display and read the information on your website. (example, where the title, UPC code, description, image, price etc is.

We have also completed all the rich snippets information, all the meta titles and descriptions, for your products and informational pages. There is a lot more technical things we have done to make sure customers can find you on google.

Multiverse Pro Fully Loaded Website

Huge Inventory Selection

We currently keep well over 40k+ in stock products at all times. We get in hundreds of new arrivals daily to keep new fresh items always available.

All of our new arrivals will automatically be sent to your Multiverse Pro shortly after they are available on our website.

This will allow you to get the new arrivals in front of your customers fast, which always give your customers something new to look at.

For a complete list of features or to view the demo please Click Here

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Why use Novatech Wholesale for your drop shipping needs?




How Dropshipping Works

Novatech Wholesale

We Make Selling Online Simple

Sign Up

If you have already registered for an account on our website please skip this step, otherwise you will want to click the Sign Up button at the top of our website. Registration is fast and the access is instant. Once you have created an account you will be able to log in, view pricing and start drop shipping right away.

Choose Where To Sell

The next step is to figure out where to sell. The undisputed fact is, the more places you have products listed the more success you will have. The more popular places to sell is your own website, Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, Social sites etc. You can list any of our products for sale anywhere that you choose without any upfront costs for inventory.

Find Products To Sell

Browse our huge catalog of over 3000+ categories for products to sell. You can use our titles, descriptions, images etc to create your listings. Regardless if your a niche store or a sell anything and everything store you will find plenty of products in our catalog that will sell and make you money.

Getting Paid

When you get a sale your customer is going to pay you for the product. Depending on where you will be selling there are all kinds of ways to get paid, credit card, paypal, cash, check, money order etc. Make sure to choose a method that works best for you and your business type.

Place The Order

You will need to come to our website and use our search box to find the item you just sold, add it to the cart, enter your customers shipping address and pay us for the order. You keep the money that is left. If your order is placed before 4pm EST (1pm PST) your order will ship same day with tracking.

Follow Up With Your Customer

After you place the order and we ship it, you should send the tracking number to your customer so they know its on the way. Maybe wait a week or two after delivery and follow up with a polite email, maybe offer a coupon code to your website (if you have one) if they come back for future purchases. Sometimes this will get you a lifelong customer.

Are you ready to start Drop shipping?

Getting Started Drop shipping

If you would like to know how to get started drop shipping or what products to sell to see results then click below.

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Best practices to make the most out of dropshipping

Tips From the Owner

Drop shipping can be very overwhelming and confusing. Which is why I started Novatech Wholesale, to make it easy for anyone from a newbie, to a fully seasoned professional seller.

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Find answer to the most commonly asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been in the drop shipping business for many years and have had a lot of questions over those years. We have put together a well organized list of these questions along with the answers hoping to help our customers.

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Why use Novatech Wholesale for your drop shipping needs.

Novatech Wholesale is a leading drop ship company with cutting edge technology to make selling online simple. Below is a list of what makes our company light years ahead of our competition.

Same Day Shipping

We ship same day on orders placed before 4pm EST (1pm PST) Mon-Fri (excluding holidays). Tracking will be emailed and available on your account dashboard same day the order ships.

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Inventory Automation Tools

If you sell on,,, etc, and/or if you get a turnkey website from us we have automation tools that will allow you to sell any/all of our products, have them auto priced, and managed so you aren't selling out of stock items.

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30 Day Returns

In the unfortunate event something didn't work out with the order such as it was unwanted, damaged, defective, missing pieces etc, we will accept the return for 30 days.

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Turnkey Websites

We have ready to go Turnkey Websites that come fully loaded with all of our products, they include the hosting, domain name (ie, SSL certificate, SEO, automated inventory, add products from other suppliers etc.. These sites are feature packed and we are constantly adding new features.

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Huge Product Selection

We have a huge product selection of tens of thousands of products covering over 3000+ categories. Novatech Wholesale will drop ship consumer electronics, outdoor products, computers, tablets, smartphones, home and garden, Boat and RV, small kitchen appliances and many more.

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New Arrivals

Novatech Wholesale recieves hundreds of new arrivals daily. We are also constantly expanding our product line to bring in fresh categories and competitive products as often as we can.

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Novatech Wholesale will Blind Drop Ship Name Brand Electronics, Computers, Tablets, Home and Garden, Marine, Fitness, Automotive, Business Products and more directly to your customers.

If you ship an item to an address other than your registration address it will automatically ship in the blind, which means no paperwork showing what you paid, and our company name will not be included on/with the package.

All of our products ship right from the USA so you don't have to worry about long delivery times destroying your business and hard earned reputation.

About Us:

Novatech Wholesale is among the largest dropshippers for excess Electronics distributor, closeout Wholesaler, and clearance Supplier. Novatech Wholesale answers Resellers' needs for real deals on Computers, Computer Parts and Electronics. Make Novatech Wholesale your source to dropship Wholesale Electronics and set up an account today! By signing up with Novatech Wholesale, you’ll find out why Electronics Resellers that are looking for Electronics Wholesalers choose Novatech Wholesale as their reliable source for dropshipping.